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Basketball Goals

If you've been looking at outdoor basketball hoops for sale, look no further than PROformance Hoops. PROformance offers a range of quality outdoor basketball goals for your home, and for more than 20 years, we have been dedicated to creating the most durable, safest and most playable basketball goals for sale on the market. We put together a team of engineers, customer researchers and athletes to help us carefully design and test every piece of equipment as well as each of our basketball hoops and goals available. When you purchase one of our adjustable hoop options or one of our accessories, you're getting a product that has been designed and carefully tested or the ultimate in performance.

We’re Different

Our basketball goals are different for a few reasons:

  • Our team has more than 20 years of experience, and we put it to work creating only basketball accessories and hoops. We don't make hundreds of other products. We specialize in one thing, and we do it exceptionally well.
  • Our attention to detail. From the UV coating on our nets, designed to make your net last without fading, to our tempered glass backboard for performance and durability, we make sure every component of your basketball goals meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Quality materials. From anticorrosive coatings on our steel to the steel construction itself, our products are made with the best materials on hand to ensure durability. Your outdoor basketball goals will be able to withstand all kinds of weather and bring you years of quality performance.
  • Attention to detail. Our corrosion protected one-piece steel poles, safety-tempered glass backboards and other quality details means better safety and performance for you. For example, our poles have steel walls that are up to 200% thicker than the industry standard, and each of our poles goes through a rust resistant and multistep corrosion process to make it last. Our poles are 11-gauge or seven-gauge steel with slotted holes or welded gussets for the best safety and performance. These kinds of details are really what sets PROformance Hoops apart.

What to Look for in Outdoor Basketball Hoops

If you're setting up outdoor basketball hoops in your home, you want to seek out quality construction, attention to detail and durability. No matter where you live, your outdoor equipment will likely have to face some wind and rain and may also need to face snow and ice. Durability and anti-corrosion are important to ensure your investment stays looking its best and performing well year after year.

PROformance Hoops has more than 20 years of experience creating basketball goals and accessories that have withstood just about every type of weather condition. From the blazing sun of Texas to the snowstorms of Minnesota or Maine, our equipment has stood the test of time. Our athletes and customers report our basketball goals have withstood all kinds of weather and provide years of enjoyment and quality play.

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