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Basketball Is What We Do.
Quality Is What We Deliver.

We deliver the safest, most stable and most durable in-ground basketball hoop in the industry. Our team of athletes, engineers and field service representatives have been listening and responding to your needs for over 20 years. The passion that we have for basketball and outdoor entertainment can be found in the materials, construction, innovation and overall attention to detail that goes into every Hoop that we deliver.

From players just starting out, to the professionals, our top-of-the-line product series offers a range of features that fit anyone’s needs.

The PROformance Advantage
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safety tempered glass backoard slider 1 - Home
Safety Tempered Glass Backboard

Tempered Safety Glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder, more durable and safer than regular glass. Our glass is also wrapped with a Full Perimeter Aluminum Trim which protects the edges of the glass and adds an extra layer of safety and stability.

  • Physically stronger than regular glass
  • Shatter resistant for extreme safety
  • Provides consistent rebound across the entire surface of the backboard
  • Protected by a full perimeter aluminum trim
  • Same glass used in NCAA and NBA backboards
Group 1147 - Home
The PROformance Advantage
Group 1146 - Home
stainless steel hardware 1 - Home
Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless steel is the most corrosion resistant of all alloys in any extreme weather conditions. Its Chromium Oxide film self-repairs from any scratches that might occur during installation and use. Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, the stainless steel hardware and attachments will keep all parts of your basketball system more secure over time with no need to replace rusted out and corroded hardware.

  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Stain resistant finish keeps the system looking new
  • Resistant to all weather conditions and environments
  • Self-repairing coating extends system life
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
Group 1147 - Home
The PROformance Advantage
Group 1146 - Home
power arc 90 lift assist 1 - Home
Power Arc 90® Lift Assist

The Power Arc 90® Lift Assist allows you to easily adjust your rim from 6ft to10ft. The Dual Cylinder System creates the easiest and most precise height adjustment system on the market today. One cylinder is a tension screw mechanism attached to a gearbox, and with the use of ball bearings allows for precise adjustment and support. The second has an internal spring that allows for low resistance and ease of adjustment. The 90-degree crank handle is attached to a gear box and is easily removable.

  • Easy 6ft to 10ft rim height adjustment
  • Dual Cylinder System for easier movement
  • Removable stainless steel 90 degree handle
  • Stainless steel gear box
  • Easy to read height indicator
Group 1147 - Home
The PROformance Advantage
Group 1146 - Home
one piece all steel pole - Home
One-Piece All Steel Pole

Our one-piece poles use 50%-200% thicker steel walls than industry standards, and unlike most of our competition, each pole goes through a multi-step corrosion and rust-resistant process. Each pole is cleaned to remove oils, grease, and dirt, dipped in an acidic solution to remove any flakes of steel, Galvanized (PROview®) or Electroplated (PROforce) with a heavy Zinc coating and then Powder Coated.

  • 50%-200% thicker steel walls than the competition
  • Hot dipped galvanized and powder coated 7 gauge steel (PROview® Series)
  • Zinc electroplated and powder coated 11 gauge steel (PROforce Series)
  • Welded gussets and slotted holes on base
  • Stainless steel hardware
Group 1147 - Home
The PROformance Advantage
Group 1146 - Home
premium gusset support base plate1 - Home
Premium Gusset Support Base Plate Design

Thick triangular welded pieces of steel are strategically placed at the base of the pole for maximum stability and playability. Slotted holes on the base plate ensure level and square installation of every system. This carefully thought out base provides less shake and vibration, allowing for aggressive play.

  • Eight (8) welded gusset design (PROview® Series)
  • Four (4) welded gusset design (PROforce Series)
  • Slotted holes for square and level installation
  • Zinc-plated and powder coat finish
  • Provides less shake and vibration
Group 1147 - Home
The PROformance Advantage
Group 1146 - Home
bolt to steel rim attachment 1 - Home
Bolt-to-Bolt Steel Rim Attachment

The safety Bolt-to-Steel Rim Attachment is constructed so the bolts from the rim mount directly to the steel behind the backboard, therefore no stress is ever put on the tempered safety glass, aluminum trim or solid steel frame. The unique design allows for aggressive play without damage to the backboard because the energy is absorbed through the extension arms, down the pole and into the Pier Mount Anchor.

  • Mounts directly to the steel behind the backboard
  • Rim never touches the glass
  • Energy is absorbed by the steel throughout the system
  • Reduces shake and vibration from rebounds
  • Safe, durable and stable for aggressive play
Group 1147 - Home
The PROformance Advantage
Group 1146 - Home
dual spring safety breakway rim 1 - Home
Dual Spring Safety Breakaway Rim

Our Dual Spring Break-Away Rim is equipped with two(2) high-tension stainless steel powder coated springs. The rim “breaks away” and rebounds back to its normal position when any type of extreme force is put on it. This not only protects the system, but more importantly protects players during aggressive play. The rim also features a Hide-Away Net which eliminates the need for protruding hooks and attachments which cause finger and hand injuries. The net comes pre-attached to the rim, but is quicker to replace than conventional “Ram’s Horns” rims.

  • Two (2) high tension springs are hidden underneath the rim
  • Corrosion resistant for longer life
  • Protected by an underneath rim cover
  • Hide Away Net attachment with no sharp hooks or attachments
  • Safe, durable and Stable
Group 1147 - Home
The PROformance Advantage
Group 1146 - Home
premium pier mount anchor system 1 - Home
Premium Pier Mount Anchor System

This oversized Pier Mount Anchor System design exceeds all durability, stability and safety expectations that come with a purchase of an in-ground basketball hoop. The zinc and powder coated base plate, extra thick Pier Mount J-bolts and four (4) pieces of reinforcing rebar (included) allows for easy installation and leveling of the entire system. Ground sleeves and other mounting systems are no match to the Pier Mount Anchor System.

  • Oversized zinc-coated J-bolts
  • Zinc plated and powder coated base plate
  • Four (4) pieces of reinforcing rebar (included)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Unmatched ease of assembly and installation
Group 1147 - Home
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