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The PROformance PROforce series of in-ground basketball hoops lets you enjoy an NBA-style see-through tempered glass backboard, straight and reinforced steel pole and a basketball hoop designed to withstand any kind of weather. For even the most aggressive play, our PROforce in-ground basketball goals stand up to the challenge.

Why PROforce?

A PROforce basketball goal in your yard gives you lots of advantages:

  • A place to exercise. Today, we know more about the importance of regular exercise than ever before. At a time when so many of us are spending days in front of screens, getting exercise is important. A PROforce basketball system gives you a great way to exercise while getting fresh air outdoors without the need for a complicated gym or a gym membership. With ProForce, you and your whole family can run around, jump and get a full-body workout.
  • A chance to build basketball skills. Do you have an athlete in your family? With a PROforce series hoop in your yard, you can practice setups, drills, one-on-one or individual practice for as long as you like. You're sure to see an improvement in your basketball skills, whether you play pickup or whether you are part of the team.
  • The PROformance Hoops quality you’ve come to expect. This series of basketball hoops and goals comes at an attractive price but has the same PROformance quality we’re famous for. Like all our products, this series has the same emphasis on playability, durability and safety. Our premium gusset support base plate has welded gusset designs, level installation, stainless steel hardware and a design that provides less vibration and less shake for added stability. Our pier mount anchor system includes reinforced extra thick pier mount J bolts to ensure your system is level, easily installed and solid.
  • Durability. Our PROforce basketball hoops will last. Whether you live under the blazing Arizona sun, in the middle of Minnesota winters, near the salt water of California or anywhere else, our basketball hoops are designed to withstand the weather. In fact, many of our customers have had our basketball hoops with no problems for years and years. Our steel accessories go through a multistep process to prevent rusting and corrosion, meaning they can withstand whatever the weather throws at them. Our reinforced bolts and hardware as well as our stable systems ensure even heavy winds won't interfere with your game.Check out our ProForce solutions today to find the perfect sweet spot between excellent price, value and exceptional quality. We know you'll be impressed.

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