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Replacement Net

Don’t let your basketball hoop go naked! Whether your current net is getting a little ragged or your rim doesn’t have one, this replacement basketball net is an easy switch-up. Just hook the net loops around the rim, and you’re ready for some serious play.

This net replacement features a strong weave and comes in a standard white. It’s designed to fit standard rims and is ideal for outside use. The tightly-woven synthetic fibers stand up to rain, snow and all your best shots.

This net is developed with input from engineers and players to bring you the best quality materials and design. You can put also put it up in seconds and take it down again just as fast, so you spend as little time as possible away from the game. This net will work with your PROformance Hoops systems as well as with other systems.

Why Get a Replacement Basketball Net?

Sure, lots of public parks have basketball hoops with no nets, and, of course, you can technically play without one. But where’s the fun in that? No net means you miss the “swish” in your game, and you don’t experience the true fun of playing like the pros do.

The net also slows down the ball very slightly as it passes through the hoop, and this affects your play. If you’re practicing for games, this slight variation in the way the ball performs at the basket can be crucial. By playing on a hoop with a net, you’ll be better prepared to bring it come game time.

The Right Net

When looking for a replacement net, make sure you get the right size. Our replacement net fits standard rims, including PROformance Hoops rims. Also consider quality before you make your selection. You will save money and time by buying replacements like this one. Since it’s designed for heavier outdoor use, it will need to be replaced less often.

Our replacement nets are made for those who play for fun and for those who are serious athletes, as well as all ballers in between. The reality is that you would not play tennis or soccer without a net, so why play basketball without one? Our nets stay looking better for longer and perform well for a long time. Pick up several replacement nets right now so you’re ready to play your best game! Having extras on hand ensures you’re always prepared.


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PROformance Hoops offers a range of accessories to make basketball time even more fun. Made with the same attention to durability, safety, and stability as all our products, our accessories offer a range of choices, including:

  • Pole pads
  • Gusset pads
  • Pole anchors
  • Replacement handles
  • Ground anchors
  • Nets, including branded nets for your favorite NCAA teams. Our nets have a protective UV coating to make them last and 200gm military grade material for extra durability. We also have the nylon Krazy Net, which is whip-resistant and available in a range of colors.
  • Backboard edge padding. Our closed-cell urethane pads are designed for tough weather and stay looking great, even with years of play. This product comes with a steel insert for the ultimate in performance and strength.
  • Basketball pumps
  • Inflating needles
  • Replacement parts
  • Hoops. Our heavy-duty hoops feature a Dual Spring Safety Breakaway Rim. Continuous netlocks ensure great performance and playability.

    Whether you want to enhance your play, create a custom look for your hoops or create your own customized basketball system, our accessories help you get there. You can use our ground anchors when you move and want to take part of your in-ground system with you. You can use our nets to replace your current one or to get inspired by a logo of your favorite team.

PROformance Hoops Quality

Just like our basketball hoops and goals, all our accessories come with the same standard of quality. Whether you're buying a basketball hoop or a gusset pad, you get the same quality service and same attention to detail. We carefully test all our equipment and accessories with our engineers, athletes and customers to ensure they maintain the PROformance Hoops standard of durability, safety and performance. None of our accessories are sold until they are of the highest quality we would use with our own family's homes.

If you want basketball nets or other accessories, contact one of our dealers or check our online catalog today. PROformance is all about basketball, and this is our area of expertise. We don't offer a range of products for every sport or generalized sporting equipment. For more than 20 years, we have been helping customers find the right basketball accessories and performance tools for basketball play. You know you can trust us with your basketball needs. Our single focus means we know basketball inside and out and can offer you the accessories you need.

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