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In-Ground Hoops

PROformance Hoops manufactures the safest, most durable and stable in-ground basketball hoop available. Our corrosion-resistant heavy-gauge steel pole, matched with our oversized Pier-Mount Anchor System is the foundation for every in-ground hoop that we deliver. Our proprietary, dual cylinder Power Arc 90® Lift Assist eases raising the backboard from 6ft to 10ft, and a Bolt-to-Steel Dual Hinged Safety Break Away Rim will protect you and your family from aggressive play.

proformance hoops weekly promotion

Wall Mount Hoops

PROformance Hoops understands that sometimes space doesn't allow for an in-ground basketball hoop. That’s why our line of wall mount adjustable basketball hoops are a convenient cost effective choice when space is an issue or you have an indoor facility. The built in adjustment mechanism can be operated from ground level using the removable crank handle provided. Adjustments from 6ft to 10ft can be made without the use of a ladder or clumsy crank attachments.

proformance hoops weekly promotion


PROformance Hoops, the best-engineered goals on the market, require the best accessories. Replacement rims, nets, pole pads and backboard pads are just a few of the add-ons and accessories available from the performance experts at PROformance Hoops. Magnify your PROformance experience by adding a specialty licensed and colored safety net or training aid. Our line of performance-based accessories is what makes the PROformance difference.

Why Proformance?

The basketball systems that we engineer are designed with our customers in mind. Safety, durability and playability are some of our three greatest concerns, so we’ve developed the best engineering and materials to build basketball systems that exceed those expectations. Every nut, bolt and fastener used in the construction of a PROformance Hoops goal is Stainless Steel. All of our steel goes through a multi-step corrosion free coating process. Safety Tempered Glass and a Bolt-to-Steel engineered backboard protect against aggressive play. The dual cylinder Power Arc 90®” Lift Assist was designed for an easier and safer way to raise the backboard from 6ft to 10ft. The Pier Mount Anchor System was added for a safer installation with less shake and vibration. We even went as far as engineering an NCAA and NBA regulation overhang.

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Lifetime Warranty

Years of playability are just as important to us as it is to you. There are no secrets behind the quality and craftsmanship of any PROformance Hoop. To prove it, we provide a Lifetime Warranty for your peace-of-mind.



The PROformance Advantage

There are many reasons why homeowners, coaches, basketball players, athletes and others in the know choose PROformance Hoops when they want the best basketball system possible:

Our team is committed to providing the most stable, durable, fun and safest system for playing basketball. Our team includes field representatives who listen to customer needs, athletes who give us feedback about what they look for in basketball hoops and engineers who know how to design the most stable and strong basketball hoops possible. We get lots of insights from professionals to make sure we create the best basketball hoops for your play time.

Our systems are fully adjustable. Our adjustable basketball hoops mean everyone gets to play. From someone who is just starting out at a young age to the adult professional athlete who wants a system in their yard, it's easy to adjust our systems to make them work.

Our basketball hoops are designed with playability, safety and durability in mind. These are our three cornerstones, and we work hard to exceed your expectations. All of our fasteners, nuts, bolts and other hardware components are made of stainless steel for maximum safety and durability. All the steel hardware on our hoops goes through a multistep coating process to keep them corrosion-free and safe. This also helps keep your basketball goals durable, even with all kinds of weather. A bolt-to-steel engineered backboard, a pier mount anchor system, NBA-regulation overhang and safety-tempered glass ensure the ultimate in safety, playability and durability, even with aggressive play.

We offer a range of basketball goals. We know no two basketball players are the same. It's why we have adjustable hoops, in-ground hoops, accessories, wall mounts and more. If it has to do with basketball, chances are we have it.

We fully stand by our products. No PROformance accessory or basketball hoop is available to customers until we have thoroughly tested it and until we are confident we would allow it to be used by our children and our families. If it doesn't pass the ultimate inspection and testing with our expert team, it doesn't get released into the market. Because of careful attention to detail, rigorous testing and high standards, we’re able to offer a lifetime warranty.

When you want a basketball hoop for your home, you have lots of options. While you're deciding, think about whether safety and durability matter to you. If you want to make an investment in fun and serious play, look to PROformance for quality basketball hoops and goals designed to last.

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